Dynamic Bones To And From VRC Physics Bones Converter V2e

843 ratings
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Dynamic Bones To And From VRC Physics Bones Converter V2e

843 ratings

Over 6K Downloads! Thank you all so much for the support!

Converts your Dynamic Bones better to an from Physics Bones. Still requires manually adjustments!
The script fixes most issues why normally dynamic bones can't be converted to physics bones.
Regarding the root bone issues, no end bones on avatars or even that any physics bones on a ik-bones requires isAnimated to be on.

It fixes automatically the isAnimated on any ik-bones! (Even if you turn isAnimated off in the converter, it will automatically only add the isAnimated on those ik-bones so you don't have issues).

Avatar seen in the pictures/videos is Edited version Amelia from Wetcat, can be found on there patreon!

Please Read

I give warranty until January 1st 2023, meaning if a VRChat update breaks the tool within warranty, I will fix it. (This Also includes others bugs or issues that need to be resolved)
Buying the product after Warranty is on your own risk, it might or might not work!

This is a free tool, the amount in the payment box is just a recommendation! If you want you can donate to it, this will support the further development and improvement of all my tools.

In the video:
Left -> Dynamic Bones
Middle -> VRC Auto Converted
Right -> This Converter

How to Use??

> Make sure you got latest SDK3 imported (atleast 2022. or later)!
> Have the latest version of Dynamic Bones
> Import the tool
> Go on the top you find 'fluffs toolbox' > 'VRChat' > Dynamic Bones To Physics Bones Converter
> Change settings and Convert

If the following error shows up in your console
The type or namespace name 'Dynamics' does not exist in the namespace 'VRC.SDK3'
Redownload the VRChat SDK of the website and error will be gone <3
Still issues? Go to the VRChat discord, this is a SDK issue not a problem with my tool.

Keep in mind couple things while converting
> You can't scale any physics bones they start to break. (so no hair scaler etc)
> Every physics bones need to exist of atleast 2 bones (adding a end bone fixes it, probably a fix for the small bone issue.)
> Try to avoid physics bones on your ik-bones (hip/chest etc) (Use rootbone fix)

Update Log:

- Release

- Fixed some small issues with the Dynamic Bones To Physics Bones Now it will make any IK bone (hips/chest and the rest) if it has a physics bone also to isAnimated (needs else avatar breaks)

- Added a rootbone fixer, should fix any issues that got with roots.
- Added explaining text what the option do.

- Fixed a issue around the new root bone fix, now make a separate root bone (object).

- You shouldn't be able disable prefab option when you Apply Root bone fix is enabled (since it add more bones to your avatar)

- Added new feature to set the grab movement & max stretch!
- Added a Gravity/Force multiplier!
- Some options require 1 option to be enabled to use another option.

- Added the Limit feature of VRC Physics Bones to the converter
- Changed how end-offset where added
- End bones now getting added when end length is set.
- When end length is not 0 offset won't set be (this how dynamic bones did it)
- UI now uses sliders for some values

- Turned Use Offset on by default
- Small fix that will only apply the end length value if offset is turned on when adding end bones.

- Added the TinyBone Fix (yes there is a fix)

- Fixed a issue causing unity to crash
- Fixed the end offset position when scaling was different.

- Added Selective Convert, select now specific dynamic bones to convert get even closer with what you had!
- Selective Convert has options to select all, select none or do even search select & deselect
- Recalculated the length of the tiny bones (making them way smaller)
- Fixed a issue that caused the tinybone making a new tinybone on top of eachother
- Fixed strange offsets with tinybones
- Fixed Collider rotation now correct
- You won't be able to fix dynamic bones on existing prefabs since its adds or moves bones around (not possible in prefab)

- Fixed a error that came into the console after reimporting something.

- Disabled the TinyBone Fix by default, vrchat has fixed this in version: 2022.1.2p3, build 1192

- Added a option called Original Collider Setup, it will make physics bone colliders the exact same as you would have had them on dynamic bones. (Not a capsule just 2 separate spheres)
- Removed grappable
- Added grabbable

- Fixed a issue around DynamicBoneColliderBase not being found (this happens when you use older versions of Dynamic Bones)

- Re-added the feature of replacing it on a prefab (so long rootbone fix is disabled)

- Added new feature One Script Per Bone (in animation changing values only changes it for the first object).
- Added the 'Bones as Sphere' now for when using Original Collider Setup. (same interaction between colliders and physicsbones as dynamic bones)
- Fixed a issue that human body bones still could be effected by physics bones.

- Fixed a issue that the rootbone was ignored (always took the transform where the script was on not the root itself)

- Added a new converter Physicsbones back to Dynamic Bone, to convert to dynamic bones for other platforms (ChilloutVR)

- Fixed issue that said you didn't had VRC SDK or Dynamic bones Installed

- Fixed colliders with capsule getting rotated wrong

- Fixed issue with converting back to Dynamic bones, when physicsbones didn't have a root.

- Fixed issue converting towards Physics bones that root wasn't found!

- Fixed issue converting towards Physics bones that root wasn't found! (wasn't 100% fixed before might now)

If you got any issues please let me know (fluff#5265) or join my discord https://discord.gg/YpFfFbycKC
Terms of Service
> Your not allowed to claim it your script or use in anyway of form besides this tool (aka no reselling or any type or form of retribution)
> You can use it on avatar you sell, crediting isn't required. (Would be appreciated)

I want this!

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