SDK3 To CCK Converter v1.3c

244 ratings
I want this!

SDK3 To CCK Converter v1.3c

244 ratings

Over 2.7K Downloads! Thank you all so much for the support!

Converts your VRChat SDK3 Avatars to ChilloutVR CCK.

This converter doesn't convert your Physics bones to Dynamic bones!
You can use my other conversion tool for this DynamicBonesToAndFromPhysicsBones.

This tool will convert based on your menu toggles, it fixes issues with parameters so you can click 1 button and your ready to play ChilloutVR!
Currently the best & most accurate SDK3 to CCK converter.

It's possible to convert Cams Avatars, but they might take a LONG TIME to convert over due to really complex animators!
Keep in mind that Cams Avatars uses a lot of VRC Logic (Parameter Drivers etc), these aren't convert able and so won't work in CVR!

Please Read

I give warranty until January 1st 2023, meaning if a VRChat update breaks the tool within warranty, I will fix it. (This Also includes others bugs or issues that need to be resolved)
Buying the product after Warranty is on your own risk, it might or might not work!

This is a free tool, the amount in the payment box is just a recommendation! If you want you can donate to it, this will support the further development and improvement of all my tools.

How to use it?

> Import SDK3 & CCK Converter (Use always Latest)
> Import the Tool
> At the top of unity (navbar) you should see Fluffs Toolbox
> Fluffs Toolbox > ChilloutVR > SDK3 to CCK
> Drag and drop your avatar, or select the avatar in the hierarchy and press the 'select from scene' button
> Select what you want to convert and press convert

Common Mistakes (if you need help just join my discord and ask in the support channel)

> I don't see 'Fluffs Toolbox' in the navbar -> Fix any errors in your unity console
> I got SDK3 and CCK installed but it said its not -> Fix any errors in your unity console
> It didn't convert my avatar?!@?! -> Please message me on discord


> Toggles, Buttons (will become Toggles), Radial Puppet, Two Axis Puppet
> Will fix parameter namings to work with CVR
> Will fix numbering of items (CVR doesn't let you set a value for a certain named toggle)
> Restructures Gesture Parameter to work with CVR
> Adds CVR Locomotion, Emotes & Hand Gesture layers.
> View-point, Voice-point & lipsync
> Advance Facial Gesture Layer Support with Gesture Weight Support!

Upcoming (when possible)

> Parameter Drivers (not in CVR yet)
> Senders & Receivers (in CVR just not 100% convert able)

Locomotion layers are not possible to be converted! ( no locomotionfix, gogolocomotion or anything like that, you can re-use the animations! )

Update Log:

- Release

- Fixed a issue when CCK wasn't imported, no longer gives a error

- Fixed issues around the Hand Layer

- Fixed issues with the Locomotion Layer
- Fixed issue if parameter didn't exist
- Added support for more complex Hand Layers ( not gesture weight *yet* )
- New UI with settings options
- Blink blendshape now also gets copied over!
- Error message if you use any other builder besides PC Standalone (if you project is quest it would have being on android)

- Fixed a error if blink mesh wasn't defined
- Added some fixes for the jawblendshape & jawbone

- Fixed issue around file paths breaking with special characters (causing the script to break)

- Fixed a issue regarding single transition that could break in some cases

- Massive performance update (can handle big advance animator 10-100x better)
- GestureWeight Support
- Joystick fix
- Int values are now being better handled
- Added Toggles for submenu & joystick if original VRC menu had these parameters
- Doesn't try to rename parameters if already correct.
- Remove duplicates in toggles (if the name is 100% the same -> same name, same parameter)

- Added easy parameter renamer (for those that used Chinese, Korean, Japanese letters) CVR only allowes a-Z 0-9 as parameter names.
- Error message if a parameter will be a issue for the converter (special characters)

- Fixed folder naming issue by avatar name (only happened when you had not a-Z 0-9 in your avatar name)
- Change that the base animator is set instead of the animator overrides

- Toggles didn't convert work ingame, since animator overrides is needed! (Fix what I broke in V1.3a)

- Emotes transitions where wrong way around making them not work correctly

If you have any issue, crash, question or feature requests join my discord and use my support & feature request channels!

I want this!
Toggles, Buttons, Radial Puppet, Two Axis Puppet
CVR Locomotion, Emotes & Hand Layer


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